Dhyanse – a contemporary mystic

He is the founder of Meditation Easy App, author of the book ’10 Bulls of Meditation’ and a speaker inspiring large audiences into mind opening conversations.

In his unique approach to mindfulness & meditation, he offers tools, techniques and lifestyle designs which can transform the inner core of a human being to attain silence, bliss and higher consciousness.

Born and brought up in India, Dhyanse learnt meditation at an early age of 5 from his father. He moved to Germany in 2008 to understand the western lifestyle and accordingly develop a contemporary approach to learning mindfulness & meditation. He brings the core essence of ancient Indian wisdom traditions of Yoga, Tantra, Zen into his teachings, without following any particular belief system.

"My work is a tribute to those few who dedicated their entire life to the upliftment of human consciousness"

Dhyanse's work has been inspired by a number of masters including Osho, Papaji, Krishnamurti, Gurdjieff, Aurobindo, Maharashi Ramana, Shivanada, Vivekananda and many more...

Founder, Meditation Easy App

Meditation Easy is an app to learn and practice 30 unique meditation techniques based on Tantra, Yoga, Zen and other wisdom traditions. Available in German and English.

Author, 10 Bulls of Meditation

An elaboration of a meditator’s development going through 10 stages of the inner journey towards self-knowledge, eternal bliss, enlightenment and the absolute Truth. Paintings, poetry, prose, jokes, anecdotes and actual incidents from Dhyanse`s life are meticulously utilised in the book to initiate the reader into self-awareness through meditation and inner enquiry.

Speaker, Corporate Events

Dhyanse speaks on a different aspects of Meditation to inspire and help people to bring mindfulness & meditation to their lives. Check out his latest lecture video on 'How to make meditation a habit' given at one of the large corporations in Basel (June 2017).