You and Your ‘I’

Before you do this meditation session, please take 5 mins to contemplate and fill out the right column of the table below with a few words. If you are reading on a digital copy, take a pen and a


The Magic of Zero – From Mathematics To Zen

Zero is a special number! It encircles everything and nothing at the same time.
From the pioneers of mathematics to the seers of ancient wisdom, the mystical nature of zero has fascinated all of them.
In this meditation


The Greatest Theft

Check your HEART- How much love is left?
Check your MIND- How much peace is there right now?
Check your SPIRIT- Is it alive or dead?
…and tell me if you are not being robbed every single day!?


Five State of Mind: A Meditators’ Guide

Mind is mysterious, fascinating, magical, empowering, one of the most sophisticated mechanisms…
…only if we knew how to use it!
..and often mind proves to be one of the craziest, ugliest, sickest and potentially destructive forces burdening us throughout


The Big Question, Who Am I?

When I was a child,
I asked my father, ‘Who am I?’
He looked at me and proudly replied, ‘You are my son!’
I asked my mother, ‘Who am I?
She hugged me and said lovingly, ‘You are my


Acceptance, The Master Key

Acceptance — one simple word, yet deeply potent. If unfolded wisely, it can transform the entire experience of life by unlocking inner peace and wisdom.
Both spiritual teachings and modern psychology agree on the value of acceptance and constantly insist