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For both beginners and advanced meditators, there are new insights, experiences and learnings which come along on the way of meditation. Dhyanse has created several possibilities for you to choose from and keep moving forward on your inner journey.

Meditation Easy App

Meditate with 30 guided meditation techniques upon essential themes of your life & discover what works best for you!

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1 : 1 coaching

You have questions or are seeking personal guidance for your meditation practice? Try a free consultation with Dhyanse.


videos & articles

There are many things to talk about. Get inspired by discussions and articles related to meditation!

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Guide Book

'10 Bulls of Meditation' describes a meditator’s journey towards self-knowledge, bliss & the absolute Truth.


Participate in events

Dhyanse conducts meditation meditation sessions every Monday 7-8 PM in Basel and monthly workshops around the world

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Daily inspiration - listening to Dhyanse's podcasts will help you to be in the 'right' space while you are not sitting down for meditation.

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Dhyanse is committed to create unique, personalised and pragmatic ways to help you to reach inner depths and discover who you really are, hidden beneath the layers of unconsciousness...