18 Aug

The Big Question, Who Am I?

When I was a child, I asked my father, ‘Who am I?’ He looked at me and proudly replied, ‘You are my son!’   I asked my mother, ‘Who am I? She hugged me and said lovingly, ‘You are my
11 Aug

Acceptance, The Master Key

Acceptance — one simple word, yet deeply potent. If unfolded wisely, it can transform the entire experience of life by unlocking inner peace and wisdom. Both spiritual teachings and modern psychology agree on the value of acceptance and constantly insist
05 Aug

Awareness Is Alive

What is awareness? It is an intrinsic ability of our consciousness to know, and it can be expressed through our senses like our vision and hearing. If there is no awareness, there is no experience. Every night when you are
28 Jul

Compulsion Free

Tickle a child or a friend for a few seconds and there you see laughter, smiles and positive reaction of playfulness. But what if that tickling continues for some minutes or hours or days or forever? Soon the act loses
21 Jul

The Mask

I bet you are wearing a mask right now! This meditation session is a safe space to put that mask off and aside. What is this MASK? As we gather knowledge and experiences in life, all inputs from education, work,