24 Jun

Love Letters

Tune into this meditation session to transform your love into the Sufi’s passion for their beloved and the Buddha’s compassion for all. We have put mind on the highest pedestal. Our mind rules us, it manipulates us, it decides how
16 Jun

Blind Leading The Blind

Meditation is a journey from things to NOthing, from unconsciousness to pure consciousness. In this meditation session, I am blindfolded, all my meditators are blindfolded. And a blind leads the other blind into the world of NOthingness — into
17 Mar

Are You Dreaming or Are You Awake?

Ask yourself right now. Are you dreaming or are you awake? Whatever the answer is, how do you know that you are dreaming or that you are awake? SUTRA (the key): Only when your awareness rises,  then you can know!