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Namaste. I am Dhyanse, a Spiritual Master with a contemporary approach to Yoga, Tantra and Zen.

Pictures speak a thousand words! Here is my journey in visuals.

I was initiated onto a spiritual journey at the age of 5 in India

Masters such as Osho, Krishnamurti, Papaji, Ramana, Shivananda, Gurdjieff, Aurobindo and many more transformed my life forever.

I was born and raised in New Delhi, India in a simple loving family - spiritual, non-dogmatic and truthful in every way. At the age of 5, I saw my father meditating after work, sitting silently for few minutes, blissed out, totally unconcerned with all the hustle bustle of the city. Me and my sister running around him, while he remains undisturbed somehow. And after he finishes his meditation, he calls us to give blessings.

I still remember sitting in his lap, his hands on my head blessing me into silence. Unaware, unconcerned about what was happening at that time, I simply enjoyed it. Now I know that was my initiation into a life of love, truth and silence.

At the age of 11, I got my hands on a Osho’s book. I don’t remember the title but the words in that book were full of energy, truth, rebellion, wisdom and dimensions of life which are otherwise never talked about anywhere else. Another seemingly random touch point with Osho’s work was at the age of 12, when I visited the Pune ashram for a day, on a vacation in southern India.

I was never really an avid reader of books but a keen observer of life and myself. Not sure since when, but I always felt at distance from my body and mind. I could observe me acting through my body and mind, yet distinctly being someone else. This realization become the basis to see through every involvement of life as just a periphery. There began my search for my center. Who am I? Who is it at the center?


Hours of Meditation Experience


Discourses & Guided Meditations


Students of Meditation

During my late teens and early adulthood, I floated along mainstream education in a cut-throat competitive environment in India to graduate with a Master’s and Bachelors of Technology Degree in Biochemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, one of the ivy league universities in India. They say, it is one of the toughest places to get admissions in, even MIT is easier to get in! Students study 18 hours a day for several years just to compete for entrance. I think I got lucky to get in, as I was never so dedicated towards anything except for my self-observation and an unspoken undercurrent of spiritual enquiry all along the way.

On the surface, I was getting ready to be an engineer, consultant, businessman, and underneath I was exploring all spiritual dimensions through the work of spiritual masters from India. None of the answers to my enquiry felt like my own until I started meditating. Putting in hours of silent meditation, not know where all this will lead to.

In 2008, I moved to Germany. Don't ask me why, it is also a long story. In short, destiny and my love for Europe made me take a one-way flight to Germany. Over there, life beyond work gave me enough time to meditate, contemplate, read, watch and deeply explore the work of all spiritual masters.

My Enlightenment

Every wisdom impulse seemed to point at a different direction until one day things start to converge. All the knowledge, teachings, contradictions, methods, techniques began to make sense. That one day is not on the timeline. It is symbolic of the phenomenon, the happening beyond time. My consciousness exploded out of the shell of my worldly personality and threw me back right at my center. Some call it enlightenment but to me, it is homecoming.

It took me years to learn to articulate myself of the process but I knew I had found my true self, my authentic voice, my original thought. Since then, I decided to dedicate my entire life towards sharing this art of meditation and spiritual growth towards enlightenment. With a conviction that if it happened to me, it can happen to anyone.

Dedicated to the Spiritual Growth of humanity

In 2015, I created Meditation Easy App and served thousands of meditators around the world through it being an authentic guide to learning and practicing meditation.

In 2016, I published a book called ’10 Bulls of Meditation’ which describes 10 stages of a meditators journey based on the traditional Zen understanding along with my personal standpoints. Followed by another book released in 2020 called ’10 Meditation on Love & Laughter’.

Since 2017 I live in Switzerland where I have held meditation classes for +5000 meditators in Basel and Zurich. Also I have given several retreats, seminars, lectures and workshops to large private groups and corporations in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy.

As everyone’s life changed in 2020 with the world become ever more digital, I hold regular live discourses and guided meditation on ancient wisdom traditions such as Tibetan Buddhism (Atisha’s 7 point Mind Training), 196 Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, 112 Meditation Techniques of Vigyan Bhairav Tantra and many more to come. The effort is to bring this precious wisdom back to everyone’s life and contextualise it for every human being to live life full of love, truth and silence.

May you come along on this spiritual journey with me. ❤️ 🙏 Dhyanse.