The Greatest Theft

Check your HEART- How much love is left?

Check your MIND- How much peace is there right now?

Check your SPIRIT- Is it alive or dead?


…and tell me if you are not being robbed every single day!?

Your inner wealth of love, peace and aliveness is getting robbed every single day out of you and you may not even realise it!

To find an answer to who is the culprit is not even as critical as finding a way to first stop this theft of inner wealth.


The design of this theft is so brilliant that you may never even notice it. You must have seen one of those robbery movies where while robbing an actual Diamond, the thieves cover the security cameras with a picture or a substitute to make everything look alright. Similar is the case with you.


The love in your heart has been substituted by desires of materialistic possession…

The peace in your mind has been substituted by ambition and success…

The aliveness in your spirit has been substituted by compete and conquer…


…and you would never notice that the inner wealth is being robbed every single day.


How to stop this robbery? 

Be Awake, Be Aware.


Develop a meditative awareness which means to observe, watch, witness without reacting, without words. Not only in the moments of meditation but also throughout your life…

…And you will see the entire scheme with your own eyes! From ‘The Theft’ to ‘The Thief’ to ‘What can you do about it?’


Meditate over your MIND, HEART and SPIRIT

Type: Awareness

Level: Beginner

Time: 30 minutes


Meditation Steps:


  1. Witness the MIND

Sit comfortably with eyes closed. Take a couple of deep breaths and bring your awareness to the mind. You will notice a whole lot of action going on there – thoughts, emotions, ideas, plans..everything will try to involve you – try not to participate by not verbalising. When you don’t verbalise what you witness or react, a shift in your consciousness happens – a sudden awakening, an awareness worth experiencing!


  1. From MIND to HEART

Bring your awareness down to your chest area and then to the feeling in your heart. Use the wordless awareness to explore these inner depths. As the silence grows, a tremendous sense of peace will arise in your heart – restoring inner peace and love.

Whatever happens, just silently observe and remain awake.



Shift your awareness to the area two inches below your navel, what you call as your core. Maintain your focus in this region until a sense of stability, strength, settlement arises naturally. 


  1. Remain silent

Slowly move back up to the heart, and then up to the mind and finally let go of any focus in particular. Let your awareness naturally settle in your being. Sit in silence.



P.S: This meditation session #3110 was given on the 20th of  May 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.


If you have any questions regarding your meditation journey, feel free to reach out to me.


Be Well,



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