The Greatest Theft

Check your MIND – How much peace is there right now?

Check your HEART – How much love is left?

Check your SPIRIT – Is it alive or lifeless?

You have been deceived every single day right under your nose, and you have never realized it. Your inner wealth of peace, love, and aliveness is systematically being stolen away while you are caught up in worldly matters. The design of this theft is absolutely flawless, you may never even notice it if you don’t give earnest attention to it. You have been given substitutions to not let any iota of suspicion to arise. The peace of your mind has been replaced by concepts serving fear, insecurity, anxiety, discontentment. Your love hijacked by egotistical desires and materialistic possessions. And the aliveness within your spirit subjugated by some drive to win. How did that happen? Maybe this anecdote will help.

Muli Schaaf rushed to a nearby police station to file a complaint about his missing Porche. After some hours of tedious paperwork and the assurance of the policemen to do their best in finding the car, Muli went back home and straight to bed in deep sadness. The next morning he woke up and looked outside the window – surprisingly, the Porche was parked right at that spot where it always was! Besides, it was thoroughly washed and polished. Inside was an envelope with 4 tickets to the Opera along with a note.

“Dear Mr. Schaaf, I am not a thief. My wife was pregnant, and last evening she felt labor pain while we were walking by your house. In a flurry, I broke into your car and took my wife to the hospital. On the way, her water broke out, so I have also got your car cleaned and polished. Please accept my apologies for the inconvenience. And here are 4 tickets to the Opera for your entire family to go and enjoy this evening.”

Muli became emotional, showed the letter to his wife, and that evening his whole family went to the Opera.

They came back home at midnight, found the front door open, all valuables of the house missing! And a note placed on the table, “How was the Opera Mr. Schaaf?”

There is a meticulous architecture of this theft at work; that is why I call it ‘The Greatest Theft.’ Our mundane consciousness is not enough to notice the scheme in action. You have to heighten the sensitivities of your consciousness. Even to witness the theft first hand with eyes wide open is a breakthrough. Hence I say to you, Be Awake, Be Aware. Develop a meditative awareness to observe, watch, witness yourself. And you will see the theft! You don’t have to look outside instead turn inwards towards your own mind, heart, and spirit. Watch them carefully day in day out. In this meditation session, we are going to practice witnessing without reacting or getting identified with the mind, heart, and spirit. This is to develop the taste of meditative awareness, which then becomes a silent companion, keeping you awake and aware all the time. Once the watcher is established in you and sees the thief, you will know what to do about it!

Meditation Practice

Read the instructions carefully before performing the meditation and make sure that you understand each step thoroughly. Visualize the entire process. If you forget the steps during meditation, either remain silent for the rest of the meditation or briefly open your eyes to refer to the instructions. The more your practice, the easier and natural it will get.

  1. Posture: Sit in a comfortable sitting in a cross-legged upright position or on a couch with legs down, keeping back straight and head, preferably without support. Hands in your lap or on your thighs, palms facing upwards. Eyes closed.
  2. Witness the MIND: Take a couple of deep breaths and bring your awareness to the mind. You will notice a whole lot of action going on there – thoughts, emotions, ideas, plans. Everything will try to involve you – try not to participate by not verbalizing. When you don’t verbalize what you witness or react to what you see, a shift in your consciousness happens – a sudden awakening, an awareness begins to arise. Hold on to that awareness throughout the meditation. It may fade away, and you find yourself caught up in thoughts – if that happens, bring yourself back in the observer mode again and continue, without feeling guilty or frustrated about it. (5 min)
  3. From MIND to HEART: Bring your awareness down to your heart area and the feeling in your heart. Use the wordless awareness to explore your deeper feelings. As the silence grows, a tremendous sense of peace will arise in your heart – restoring inner peace and love. Whether it happens or not, just silently observe and remain aware. (5 min)
  4. HEART to SPIRIT: Shift your awareness to the area two inches below your navel, what you may refer to as your core. You may notice sensations, movements, energy, pain, contractions, etc. Maintain your focus in this region without trying to change anything. Within a few minutes, a sense of stability, strength, settlement arises in this region. If that happens, rejoice this new energy. If not, remain a witness without expecting anything from these moments. You must allow the energies to re-organize themselves on their own accord and not try to force anything at will. (5 min)
  5. Silence: Slowly move your awareness back up to the heart, and then up to the mind. Notice the silence in your entire being. Sit in the silence as long as you like.

If you have any questions regarding your meditation journey, feel free to reach out to me.

Be Well,


P.S: This meditation session #3110 was given on the 20th of  May 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.

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