Five State of Mind: A Meditators’ Guide

Mind is mysterious, fascinating, magical, empowering, one of the most sophisticated mechanisms…

…only if we knew how to use it!


..and often mind proves to be one of the craziest, ugliest, sickest and potentially destructive forces burdening us throughout our lives …

…because we still don’t understand how to deal with it.


Mind can be both a friend and an enemy to a meditator. They wish to move beyond the mind, but there is no way to do that without the mind itself. How do we train the mind that is an obstacle to becoming an enabler towards inner transformation?


Over the past years, I have researched upon yogic scriptures describing the nature of human mind, and have myself remained aware it for long periods of time to witness the whole show first hand. Here is a model that can help amateurs as well as experienced meditators to deal with their mind during meditation.

5 States of Mind

As you sit for meditation, become aware of your mind and identify yourself in one of the following 5 states, here is what you can do: 


1. The Disturbed Mind

Mind is constantly restless, wandering, anxious, nervous, unsettled, indecisive. It cannot focus on anything. More of negative thoughts come to your awareness and you prefer to avoid confronting your own mind by indulging in some entertainment or intoxication.  

How to meditate with a disturbed mind?

Observe it!

With a disturbed mind, the only thing you can possibly do is to sit back and passively observe all its tantrums, go through the shame of watching an inner horror. Remember, don’t try to concentrate or make any kind of effort – you will fail as the mind is a wild beast in such a state. Your observation will be discontinuous in the beginning, but with time, it will eventually become continuous.

This passive observation allows your consciousness to disidentify with the mind, giving mind its space and the opportunity to settle.


2. The Dull Mind 

Mind is tired, cloudy, sleepy, slow, unproductive, unable to focus.

Often meditators sit in meditation after a fully exhausting day and then complain about falling asleep during meditation. This is a clear sign of a dull mind. As soon as the mind is put off-grind, it is desperate to rest and fall asleep.

How to deal with a dull mind?

No meditation technique can help to come out of the dull mind. You will have to give it rest! Stop all effort and doing, sit or lay down for a few minutes so that you can let go of your body in a comfortable posture. Sleep may or may not come, keep allowing yourself to rest until your awareness is back again for meditation.


3. The Distracted Mind 

Mind is able to focus for a while but also gets carried away with distractions.

It is a ‘normal’ untrained state of mind which should be the starting point for any meditator. Unfortunately, 99% of meditators are stuck struggling with a disturbed or a dull mind.

How to meditate with a distracted mind?

The strength of awareness and ability to concentrate has to be trained. Use any technique which involved concentration e.g. your breath and practice it until your mind develops immunity to any distraction, until you can hold your concentration for a relatively longer period of time.


4. One-Pointed Mind 

Mind can concentrate well on an external or an internal object.

Extraordinary experience begin to happen when the mind is one-point. It becomes powerful, can direct and hold the awareness at any object, exclude distractions and remains disciplined for a significant period of time.  

How to meditate with a one-pointed mind?

Many ways to meditate with such a state of mind. One can concentrate on the ‘Ajna Chakra’ – Third Eye center. It brings self-knowledge and naturally initiates the next step, that is for the awareness to expand in all directions, encompassing all, without any one thing in particular.

Another relevant technique for such as state would be to focus on the emptiness ‘Nirbija Samadhi’ with a goal to drop all objects of concentration, and open up to pure consciousness.


5. The Meditative Mind 

Mind is fully aware and silent. Aware of no one particular object, silent without any activity.

This is the final milestone which you can reach with the mind. Beyond it, the realm of mind has to be dropped and only consciousness is the medium of experience. Truth reveals itself to a meditative mind.

How to be with a meditative mind?

Just be in silent awareness!

No effort is needed anymore, no effort can be made anymore.


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P.S: This meditation session #3109 was given on 6th May 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.


If you have any questions regarding your meditation journey, feel free to reach out to me.


Be Well,


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