The Big Question, Who Am I?

When I was a child,

I asked my father, ‘Who am I?

He looked at me and proudly replied, ‘You are my son!’


I asked my mother, ‘Who am I?

She hugged me and said lovingly, ‘You are my son!’


I went to school and asked my teacher, ‘Who am I?

They looked at my reports and said, you are my top student.


While receiving my educational degree, I asked a friend sitting next to me, ‘Who am I?

They said, you are an Engineer.


On the job, I asked my colleagues ‘Who am I?

They said, you are a consultant, a manager, a leader…


I kept on asking this question to OTHERS, and heard only descriptions of roles…


I read books, religious and spiritual texts, followed thought leaders and spiritual masters to find out ‘Who am I?

Got only more puzzling descriptions – ‘I am a human’, ‘I am God’, I am this or that…’…


None of these answers satisfied my quest, until one day I asked MYSELF:  ‘Who am I?

And I had no answer…


I sat down, closed my eyes and decided to find out the answer myself.

Let me share very briefly what I found out:


External validations won’t help

All answers given by OTHERS are either descriptions of roles or just external validations of what we THINK we are. We can think and ASSUME whatever based on our limited logic and rationales, and then look for external validations. Our agreement with these validations has nothing to do with the reality, rather only an affirmation of our own perception and beliefs, which keep on changing with experiences in life. Some may hold on to those perceptions and beliefs out of convenience but none of the external validations can last long and match a growing consciousness. So the only way is to get a first-hand taste of things.


Sutra 1: ‘Who am I’ is an intellectual question

In my meditations, I realised that the so-called spiritual question ‘Who am I’, is not really a spiritual question. It arises in the intellect. Because we have only learned to map out everything in life using the intellect. This question is a false question as there is no intellectual answer possible which can cease the burning fire to know. The answer or the solution does not lie on the level of intellect.


Sutra 2: Use intellect as a jumping board only

Since the closest access to our inner world happens to be our intellect, this intellect can be used as a jumping board to dive into the solution, which lies on another realm, on the level of pure consciousness, where you BECOME the answer.


How to meditate upon ‘Who am I’?


Meditation Type: Mantra

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Time: 30 min


1. Become aware of your mind

Sit comfortably. Attain a balanced posture, close your eyes and breathe deeply through your nose. Allow your body to settle. Become aware of your mind — notice your thoughts, feelings, and whatever is going on in your mind.


2. Load the mind with a Mantra

Draw all your thought energy by silently repeating the question in your mind for 10 minutes – ‘Who am I’ like a Mantra to load your intellect with only one thought – ‘Who am I’?

Forgetting about everything else and draw all your energy to put your intellect on a loop: Who Am I? Who Am I? Who Am I?….

This enables the mind to become free of distractions, get concentrated and allows the intellect to work on only one thing only.


3. Let your inner voice become louder

You only hear this question. See this question. Repeat this question. Who Am I? Who Am I? Who Am I?

Many answers will arise in your mind, let them pass by…


4. Move from intellect to consciousness

After a few minutes, stop the repetition, but hold the question ‘Who Am I?’ in your consciousness for another 10 minutes.

No repetition, no articulation — just your consciousness and the question. Stay with the question. Do not try to answer the question.


5. Jump into consciousness

As you notice a sense of silence and peace arising in you, leave this question and sit in silence — you are in pure awareness.

No questions, no answers. Let yourself go deeper in this silence with awareness.


6. Notice both the silence and the noise

In this silent awareness, notice the silence inside you and the noises outside. Anything and everything that comes into your awareness, notice them.

Gently open your eyes. 


Keep Meditating,



P.S: This meditation session #3108 was given on 22nd April 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.


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