Awareness Is Alive

What is awareness?

It is an intrinsic ability of our consciousness to know, and it can be expressed through our senses like our vision and hearing. If there is no awareness, there is no experience.

Every night when you are in deep sleep, where are all your thoughts, emotions, joys, worries, plans, desires, ambitions? They all cease to exist for you. Momentarily, the whole world does not exist for you. You are not even aware of yourself, whether YOU exist or not? As soon as the awareness is back, you are back, the world is back with all its realities and illusions. Awareness is the fabric of it all!

In this meditation session #3106 given on 01.04.2019 in Basel, Switzerland, I talk about 4 levels of human ability to modify awareness.

When you become aware of an object, there are three elements. The first one is the object, the second element is the act of observation, and the third element is you — the observer.



1. Attention

In order to attend an object, you must learn to direct the awareness towards the object long enough that your senses perceive it. This ability is the basis of all knowing – from perception to reality.


2. Concentration

You have to bring in more awareness than just required for attention. You are not concerned with the observer or the process. The object becomes the focus and must be held by your awareness so that sense perceptions are all occupied with the object of awareness. The awareness is narrowed down which requires much effort.


3. Meditation

When you are attentive or concentrating, you are not concerned about the observer or the process of observing, you are only focused on the object. But in meditation, the awareness is expanded in space and time without anyone particular element in focus. All objects, observer and the process of observation are witnessed in the light of awareness. The awareness is unbroken, undisturbed and effortless.


4. Samadhi

It is an advanced state where objects, observer and the observation all merge and only pure awareness is experienced. Bliss, freedom, and self-knowledge are integral to this ultimate experience of heightened awareness.


In order to practice maneuvering the ability of awareness to different levels, follow the meditation steps below which are based on breath and its gross to subtle components.


Meditation Type: Breath

Level: Beginner to advanced

Time: 20+ mins




1. Feel your breath – Gross/Physical

Take a couple of deep breaths – let go of any tension in your body and mind. 

As you resume back to normal breath – Focus on the gross feeling of the breath as you inhale and exhale. The sensations at your nose, lungs and wherever the breath touches your inner space.

Don’t force anything. If you are being distracted by your thoughts, noises, or your surroundings in general, simply bring your awareness back to your breath and continue feeling the breath.


2. Feel your breath – Subtle/Prana

Shift your awareness to the sensations of energy (Prana) that every breath contains. Breathing in – Feel the energy flowing in your body, Breathing out – Feel the energy expanding and moving outwards from all parts of your body and releasing in the surroundings.


3. A sense of bliss

Allow your awareness to go deeper in your inner space and notice a sense of silence, of bliss, in your inner space. Keep your awareness on those finer sensations. As you do that for a few minutes – the object of awareness, observer, and the observations begin to emerge in your experience.


4. Deeper in silence

Stop any effort, allow yourself to fall deeper in silence and thereby your awareness to become purer, stabilized and expanded in all directions – inside, outside.


5. Feel all sensations

Bring your awareness back to your breath, and notice how your breath is gently flowing in and out. Notice how your mind is calm, your body is still.

Take this moment to be thankful that you are alive. To be thankful that you are here, in this moment. And when you are ready, gently open your eyes.

If you have any questions regarding your meditation journey, I am happy to hear from you anytime. 


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Keep meditating,


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