The Mask

I bet you are wearing a mask right now!

This meditation session is a safe space to put that mask off and aside.

What is this MASK?

As we gather knowledge and experiences in life, all inputs from education, work, culture, family, friends, society and environment shape into a certain personality, layer-by-layer that we acquire from the outside and keep wearing it throughout our lives. I call that acquired personality together with something, even more, deeper, a false sense of ‘Who am I’ as ‘The Mask’.

We keep on wearing the Mask 24×7, 365, without even realizing it ever. And our keys to happiness, joy, love, contentment, meaning, purpose remain connected to the Mask and not to the one who is underneath it. Our unaware actions serve the Mask, leaving inner depths unfulfilled. It may give a false sense of empowerment by protecting our pride, ego, desires wishes but it keeps us oblivious to our true being.

The essence of Zen tradition can be summarised as a quest to take this Mask off, and come to the realization of true being.

Meditation-as-a-Lifestyle is a transformation process to regularly put the Mask off and aside, be with oneself in the truth, silence, and bliss. 


3 Phases of the transformation process:


Phase 1: Identifying the Mask

Consolidating everything that comes to the inner awareness – thoughts, ideas, emotions, notions – and seeing it as something foreign, something external to build a certain distance from the contents of the mental awareness.


Phase 2: Mask-Off

Letting-go of all the contents including every detail of who you think you are. As the consciousness becomes purer in inner silence, letting go of everything that arises to the surface – images, voices, visualizations etc.

“You see who you really are, in the mirror of your consciousness. That is the only way.”


Phase 3: Realising ‘the Original Face’

 When there is no contents — no thought, no emotion, no identification, sitting in pure silence and the absolute experience of pure consciousness. 


Meditation Steps for practice:


  1. Turn you awareness inwards

Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable, upright posture. Gently breathe-in from the nose, and breathe out from the nose. Allow yourself to be in the present moment with all your awareness. Let go of the world outside, and turn your awareness inwards.


  1. You are IN the body, NOT the body

As your body settles, your mind settles. Take a few moments to contemplate on your mask. Start by becoming aware of your body and realize:

‘You are IN the body, NOT the body’

Let the body settle.


In your awareness, what you hear is not you. All that your senses perceive is not you. Let them go.

You turn inwards and remain silent.


  1. Your thoughts are not you, let them go

Allow your awareness to settle further. All your thoughts are a part of your mask — let them go. They are not you. Whatever arises in your awareness, is not you. Let them go. With awareness, move deeper in silence.


  1. Stay in your depths

Let this sense of “I” melt and dissolve, and only allow silence and awareness to remain in your space of consciousness. Stay in your depths, don’t try to return to the surface. Stay silent and aware. Let go of everything that arises in your awareness. Let go of who you are, where you are, what you are doing.


  1. No face, no shape, no mind

Go into your depths with awareness. Let go of all movements. Let yourself fall in the silence, full of awareness. In this moment, you have no face. In this moment, you have no shape. In this moment, you have no mind. If needed, internally repeat these words until they become your experience.

Now breathe in silence with full awareness.


  1. Awareness flowing in and out

After a few minutes of silence, bring your awareness to your breath. Feel it flowing in and out. Notice your body at rest, your mind at rest, notice how you are right now. Gently bring your awareness back to your body, and then when you’re ready, you may open your eyes. And for a few minutes, remain silent and seated, and reflect. Now ask yourself, “Who am I?”


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Meditation Type: Breath, Visualisation

Level: Beginner

Time: 20+ mins


This meditation session was given on 18th March 2019, inspired by the celebration of ‘Fasnacht’ in Basel, Switzerland.

If you have any questions regarding your meditation journey, happy to hear from you anytime.


Keep meditating,



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