Silent Celebration: Good Vibes Only!

Did you ever celebrate the fact that you’re alive? Not after a close call from death but just for that very casual fact that you are alive!

Let me give you a quick take on it from a meditators’ point-of-view:

‘I am alive’, this statement is not just a causal fact for a meditator, rather a deeper realisation which puts them into a constant state of awe and wonder about the mysteries of this existence. It makes them want to share it with others, to celebrate it. And their way is through inner silence.

Yes, you can celebrate in inner silence too! There are no decorations, no special meals or wine to create a festive mood, yet there is an inner celebration with good vibes to share with the whole world. I talk about 5 good vibes during this meditation session:

  1. Love

  2. Compassion

  3. Joy

  4. Prayer

  5. Silence


Love: Not the one that you would share with a specific person, but the kind of love that you could express for everyone in the world, pure and unconditional.

Compassion: Taking a moment to express our compassion to the unprivileged, unfortunate.

Joy: Sharing a sense of Maitri, friendliness.

Prayer: Acknowledging that we are minuscule as compared to the vast universe and have a chance to explore its beauty and mysteries.

Silence: Inner stillness, calm and restful state.




  1. Entering a meditative celebration

Sit comfortably still, inhale deeply and exhale with contentment. For the next few moments, maintain a gentle and smooth rhythm of your breath. And as you bring your awareness to your breath, allow it to settle there. Allow your body to relax, your mind to calm down, with your awareness placed on your breathing.


  1.   Take your awareness to your heart

Simply observe your breathing, effortlessly and silently. And as you feel more settled, take your awareness to your heart region, in the middle of your chest, and feel the silence. Feel the love arising out of your heart region, filling the empty spaces with warmth. 


  1.   Tune yourself to the sensation of love

Allow the sensation to radiate outwards and expand — from your being to everyone around you to everyone in the whole world.


  1.   Let the joy flow outwards

Without touching any words or any thoughts, notice a sense of joy and inner happiness arising out of the silent sharing of love. Let that joy flow outwards, silently shared with others.


  1.   Your heart and the entire universe

As you become more silent, your heart opens up for the entire universe. Take this moment to tune yourself into the feeling of compassion and radiate it outwards, to the rest of the world. Feel the blessings arising in your heart and let it flow towards everyone.


  1.   Recognize and acknowledge that you are a part of the universe

Keep your awareness on your breath, and tune yourself in the empowering feeling of prayer. Recognize and acknowledge that you are a part of the universe. Share this sense of prayer with others, let it flow outwards. 


  1.   Sharing silence

By this point in meditation, your body is silent, your mind is silent and there is a deep sense of silence arising in your being. Become aware of it. Be the silence for the entire universe.


  1.   You are here

Feel your aliveness and acknowledge your existence. Be thankful that you are here. Then, gently bring your awareness back to your breath, body and open your eyes.


Type: Feeling

Level: Beginner

Time: 15-20 mins

This meditation session was given on 23rd February 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.


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Keep Meditating,


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