3 Sutras To Infinite Possibilities

The mind is amazing. What is even more amazing is No-Mind! By No-mind, I mean the consciousness free of contents of the mind. In this meditation session, allow me to take you from Mind to No-Mind and learning 3 sutras of opening up to infinite possibilities.


Sutra 1: Mind narrows down your possibilities

I did a small experiment with my meditators in the session, you can do it along as you read this.

Choose a number between 1-10. 

Once you have decided for a particular number, ask yourself how many possibilities were available to you for making that choice. In reality, there were 10, but did you consider all the possibilities while making your decision? Probably not all 10, and rather a subset of 3-4 numbers. Why is that? 

Even if you had 10 possibilities, your mind offers you only a narrowed down set of 3-4 choices. It is applicable not only with numbers but everything you do in life. You always have many more real possibilities available, more than your mind is presenting you. And to access them, you will have to become more conscious, you may have to explore beyond the mind, into what I like to call as ‘No-Mind’.

And just to be clear, mind has its own place for efficiency. If you would always get involved in all possibilities, you will not be able to execute and operate as fast as you do now. So, mind has its relevance but the emphasis here is to remember that there is much more beyond always available to you.


Sutra 2: Meditation is a state of choiceless awareness

Continuing the analogy of numbers and possibilities, if you try to hold all 10 number in your awareness without focusing on anyone in particular what happens? Try it! Try to hold all numbers from 1-10 consciously in your awareness without focusing or visualizing any one number in particular. Then extend this to holding a 100 numbers, then a 1000 numbers and so on. What you will notice is that as the numbers increase, your mind cannot hold on to all the possibilities at the same time. And you try to remain conscious of all the numbers, you are thrown back at your center, at your being which is pure consciousness.

This state of choicelessly remain aware of everything and nothing, in particular, is known as meditation. 


Sutra 3: No-mind open you up to a future that is free from the past.

This is a practical implication of meditation which can create tremendous benefit. When you come out of choiceless awareness and resume your daily activities, you will notice that now you have new possibilities for your decisions. These new possibilities are not repeating your choice patterns from the past. Rather they are new beginnings.

So if you integrate meditation in your daily life, it starts to transform the patterns of your life. Past becomes obsolete and the future remains open to infinite possibilities.


Meditation Steps:

  1. Choiceless awareness of the body.

Breathe in and out, gently and smoothly. Give yourself time for your body to settle, for your mind to settle, and for you to be here — present and still. And then draw your attention inwards, towards your body, and let your awareness settle in your body without focusing on a particular part.

The body becomes more still as your awareness intensifies. Let this be the only thing experiencing your body. From top to bottom, from left to right, from inside to outside — allow yourself to be aware of the entire body at once, without focusing on one thing in particular. 


  1. Choiceless awareness of the mind.

Shift your awareness to your mind and remain conscious of your mind without anyone thought, one emotion, one feeling in particular. 

 If ever you get distracted, just bring your awareness back to your mind and continue.


  1.   Integrate choiceless awareness of body and mind

Let your body and mind become one. Feel body-mind as one entity and remain conscious of it as a whole – without focusing on any one thing in particular. By now, you will have established a deeper sense of stillness and complete awareness of yourself.


  1. Expand awareness beyond just yourself 

 Maintain the stillness, and allow your awareness to expand beyond yourself. Include everything in your awareness without focusing on one thing. And let your awareness spread freely outwards, encapsulating the room, the surroundings, the entire universe…as far as you can go.


  1. Silence

Stay for a few minutes in silence, maintaining choiceless awareness that has expanded to the whole.


Meditation Technique – Choiceless Awareness

Type: Mindfulness

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Time: 20-30 mins


This meditation session was given on 18th  February 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.


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