Love Letters

Tune into this meditation session to transform your love into the Sufi’s passion for their beloved and the Buddha’s compassion for all.

We have put mind on the highest pedestal. Our mind rules us, it manipulates us, it decides how we live our lives. With convincing logics and rationales of the intellect, our mind appears to have a superiority over the heart. And with time, our thought structures become so rigid and overpowering that there is no room for the heart to speak up. Such a life may reach to worldly success, but it never leads to content, inner peace and happiness.

I am not suggesting that mind has less relevance than the heart. It has its own place, but not always on top. There are matters of life that must be approached with our heart.

Just like the energy of mind is expressed with its intellect, the energy of heart is expressed with love.

In this meditation session we are empowering our heart and its expression of love. Not the ordinary love for possession, desire and emotion, rather the love which becomes self-love, passion and compassion arising out a ‘Silent Heart’.

Circle of Love

Think of this meditation session as a journey completing a ‘Circle of Love’ which starts with a ‘Silent Heart’. It begins by allowing the silence to arise in the heart.

The silence transforms the energy of heart into self-love. It leads to a deep sense of gratitude and acknowledgement that I am alive, I have this wonderful gift called life!

When that energy flows outwards, towards a person or an act, it becomes passion. Giving a sense of purpose, meaning and drive to do extraordinary things in life.

As the transformation of energy matures, passions changes to compassion. Passion remains limited to a few – people, things, acts; but compassion is always for all.

Lastly, the heart’s energy falls back into the ‘Silent Heart’. From compassion to meditation.


Meditation Technique – Silent Heart

Type: Feeling

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Time: 20-30 mins


NOTE: Before the actual meditation started, the participants were asked to write a love letter for someone who holds a space in their heart. Afterwards, they were asked again to write a second letter, which was more interesting than the first, because it was intended for themselves. Writing these letters were done with an intention that the process will become a spiritual opening, an emotional awakening, triggered by an internal conversation that has long been suppressed.


  1.   Begin by observing your breath

Sit comfortably still and close your eyes. Breath in through your nose, and as you exhale, relax your body. Try to keep a straight posture, relieve facial tension, and allow your body and all your energies to slowly settle in this moment. Draw your attention from everywhere and just observe your breath. It allows your awareness to settle in your inner space.


  1.   Shift your awareness to the peace in your heart

As your breathing slows down, you feel a certain silence and peace in your chest area. Shift your awareness to this stillness, and remain aware of this peace. Allow that feeling to grow. Don’t force anything. Allow yourself to be in this awareness, and remain aware of your heart. Breathe in, breathe out.


  1.   Allow the love from your heart to flow onto yourself

All your energies are at rest. Your body is still and your mind is calm. In this moment, allow the love from your heart to flow onto yourself — to your body, to your mind, to all your energies. Be enveloped by this existence of love. Feel the coolness that runs throughout your body as you let your love flow everywhere within you.


  1.   Share your love – Passion and Compassion

Remain silent and aware as you share your love with a beloved. Think about that person and let the love from your heart travel towards theirs. Imagine a beautiful force leaving your body, feel it float towards your loved one and reaching their heart. Be aware of the silent connection of your heart and theirs.

Continue to visualise and feel the love flowing from your heart to all the hearts in the world — to all beings. Pour your heart out into existence. Share all your love, and don’t hold back.


  1.   A new peace arises in your heart

As you empty your heart, silence arises in your heart. Breathe in the stillness. A new peace arises in your heart. Feel it, breath in it, stay in it. Stay aware in silence. Maintaining the silence, bring your awareness back to your breath. Breath flowing in slowly, gently; in and out. Your mind is calm, your body still. You are loved, and in love, and you acknowledge this.


This meditation session was given on 11th February 2019 in Basel, Switzerland.



Keep Meditating,


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