Blind Leading The Blind

Meditation is a journey from things to NOthing, from unconsciousness to pure consciousness. In this meditation session, I am blindfolded, all my meditators are blindfolded. And a blind leads the other blind into the world of NOthingness โ€” into the inner world.


To know the outer world, you need eyes, but to know the inner world, those eyes become a barrier. In order to experience nothingness, you have to put your eyes to rest and go beyond. Just closing your eyes is not enough. You have to let go of all imagination, visualisations, thoughts, emotions, images and the contents of your mind. Only then you can reach to nothingness.

99% of the universe is made of emptiness. Only 1% is matter. Even your own construct is 99% emptiness and only 1% matter which you refer to as body-mind. What is this 99%? Nothingness.

Nothingness is not only the absence of things, but a presence as well. You can call it pure consciousness, or emptiness or simply nothingness.


Meditation Steps:

1. Take the energy away from your eyes

The first step of this meditation is to take all the energy away from yours eyes. In order to emphasize that you can cover them with blindfolds. The eyes create images and perceptions, colors and shapes; and those factors can put a barrier between us and our inner world. Let your eyes settle. All movements in your eyes to settle.

2. Donโ€™t visualize, just feel the inner objects and let them go

You will then feel the depths of your inner world. You will witness and observe your inner objects without their shapes and forms. What are your thoughts? Your feelings? What bothers you and what satisfies you? Whatever they may be, you feel them, but then you let them go. To feel without condition and order, that is the second step.

3. Move from objects to objectless emptiness

The third step is moving your awareness from inner objects to the empty space that is filling your entire being. It has no shape, no color, no form. As you try to move your inner objects into the gaps, try not to give them any form. Just be aware of your inner emptiness. As a formless entity drifting in your inner consciousness. You are engulfed by nothingness, you are experiencing pure consciousness. Your consciousness expands endlessly as you settle in the state of nothingness.

4. Sit in silence and awareness

In the fourth step, allow yourself to remain being aware in silence. Do not focus on anything in particular. Do not construct forms. With every breath, let everything go. Let go of your focus, and remain aware of nothing in particular. Let the silence grow and let the stillness become deeper. Your emptiness is alive, buzzing with your nothingness. Be still, be aware.


Meditation Technique: Witnessing Emptiness

Type: Observation

Level: Beginner to Advanced

Time: 20+ mins


I recommend you to practice this meditation for regularly for at least 21 days. You should already be able to experience a deep sense of inner peace, centeredness and connection to the whole within a few sessions. If not, let me know. ๐Ÿ™‚


Keep Meditating,


Watch the full guided meditation video here:

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