The Second Source | Session #3098

In this meditation session I talk about:

  • Spiritual energies and their connection with different stimuli in human system
  • Kundalini as the storehouse of energy
  • 7 Chakras as different access points along the spine
  • Gurdjieff’s way of making his disciples experience the higher source of energy
  • Meditation technique to get to know and experience higher energies in a more harmonious way

This meditation session is beneficial especially for re-organising subtle energies, finding emotional balance and establishing inner harmony – from sexuality to meditativeness.

Meditation steps:

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale through the nose, maintain a natural flow of breath. (2-3 min)
  2. Earthing (7-10 min): Visualize a gradual settling down of inner energies from chakras (head down to throat, chest, abdomen, navel) and finally releasing out of the body through the base chakra, your contact point with the floor, and the energy getting absorbed by the Earth.
  3. Stimulating Kundalini (5 mins): Concentrate by bringing all your awareness to the base chakra and hold it there for several minutes.
  4. Raising subtle energies (10-15 mins): Visualise a gradual rise of inner energy from the base of your spine, step-by-step rising along the chakras reaching to the crown chakra.
  5. Silence (15 min): Sit in silence without any attempts to modify your energies.
  6. Awareness in the present moment, and gently open your eyes.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Time: 30+ mins

Type: Chakra Meditation, Kundalini Meditation


To learn more, watch the full session:

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Date of the session: 28th Jan 2019

Location: Basel, Switzerland.

Read Dhyanse’ book: 10 Bulls of Meditation

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