3 Essentials of Meditation: Let go, Surrender, No Inner Conflict | Session #3097

Let Go,


No Inner Conflict.

These 3 essentials of meditation practice are a life changer. Before I explain how, listen to this:

A man walking along the edge of a cliff accidentally slipped and found him hanging by a thin branch of a tree grown out of mountain cracks. He looked down, saw a thousand meter drop in a canyon; he looked above towards the edge – an impossibility to climb back on his own. He started shouting, “Help, help! Is there anyone who can hear me?”

After a few minutes of panic, he heard a distant voice.

The voice said,”Let go, let go…”

For a minute, he couldn’t believe what this voice was saying, so he questioned, “Who are you?”

The voice said, “I am that, that Is present everywhere”

“Are you God?” he asked.

“Yes!” said the voice.

He pleaded, “God, I have done a lot of bad things in my life but if you save me now, I promise to immediately change my life, only do good deeds and will always remain thankful to you. So, please tell me what should I do right now?”

The voice again said, “Let go, let go, let go…”

He give a quick thought and started shouting again, “Is there anyone else who can help me?”



So often in our life, our inner voice speaks to us and says, let go. We ignore it and continue crying for help.

“Letting go is an essential to life as it is to meditation. Because how you are in meditation is exactly how you are in life.”

When you sit for meditation, let go of all that comes in your awareness – experiences, contents of your mind, sensation in your body, every little detail has to be dropped. Until you let go of everything that comes to you, meditation will remain superficial and you may feel disappointed or unsatisfied with it.



Letting go comes easy for things that we know we don’t like. In most cases, it remains incomplete until there is a full surrender, which happens within moments of deeper realisations. Such as the understanding that we human beings are insignificant as compared to this vast universe. We may assign higher meaning, purpose of our existence and try to swim against the flow to life, but sooner or later, we realise that wisdom is only in completely letting go and move along with the flow of life, without zero resistance.



What can possible be left to drop after you have surrendered to existence?

The process of surrendering itself.

Because if there is surrender, there must have been a conflict somewhere in the first place. A power struggle. There must have been a split between you and existence. That split, that conflict has to be dropped as well. How to do that? Drop your inner conflicts. This story will help you do that:

A king had a special chamber with a thousand mirrors of different shapes, sizes and curvatures, placed at specific angles to create the most unique distortions possible. It was open for the amusement of his people. Whenever someone entered the chamber, they could see themselves bigger, smaller, fatter, thinner and a thousand other variations, all within one 360 degree glance. One evening when the doors to this chamber were about to close, a wild tiger who had escaped from a nearby jungle, accidentally entered the chamber and got locked inside.

When the tiger looked around himself, he saw a thousand tigers of different shapes and sizes looking back at him. He immediately got scared. He started roaring while showing his claws to other tigers in front of him. But these thousands of tigers also showed their claws back at him. Some even bigger, stronger tigers. Terrified with the view, he started fighting with all the tigers. He could not have let go, he could not have surrendered, after all he was a very brave tiger. So he fought all night long and in the morning he was found dead.

How can you fight with your own images and win?

In life you are also fighting with your own images, with your own inner conflicts and desperately trying to win. And when you are sitting in meditation, you are fighting with your own body, mind and energies. You remain in somewhat of a conflict. If you can even let go of the inner conflict, oneness with the whole is realised and there is bliss, peace, harmony and centeredness.

Meditation steps:

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale through the nose, maintain a natural flow of breath. (2-3 min)
  2. Let go (5 min): Chanting OM out loud and let go of everything along with the sound of ‘M’ at the end of every chant. Pour out all the contents of your mind into the sounds.
  3. Surrender (5 min): Keep on repeating the chants mentally and lose yourself completely, careless about what is happening to you in these moments.
  4. No Inner conflict (5 min): As the chants have established an inward spiral of energies, go deeper and uproot all resistance that you may find in yourself.
  5. Silence (15 min): Sit in silence without any attempts to modify your energies.
  6. Awareness back to the body, and gently open your eyes.


Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Time: 30+ mins

Type: Mantra Meditation, Let-go

Note: Based on the meditation session (#3097), led by Dhyanse in Switzerland on 21st Jan 2019.

Watch full session on Youtube: https://youtu.be/tfBFc0a7S5c

Read Dhyanse’ book: 10 Bulls of Meditation amzn.to/2Y5efHc

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