Are You Dreaming or Are You Awake?

Ask yourself right now. Are you dreaming or are you awake? Whatever the answer is, how do you know that you are dreaming or that you are awake?

SUTRA (the key): Only when your awareness rises,  then you can know! Before that, you really have no way of knowing.

There is a famous parable on this piece of wisdom. Take a moment to contemplate over it:

Daoist master Zhuang Zhou once dreamt of being a butterfly, flying from one plant to another, just being in the moment. He then suddenly woke up, lying in bed, looked at his body, and asked himself whether he is a man who dreamt that he was a butterfly, or if he was a butterfly now dreaming that he’s a man.

Another example that might be more familiar: You are relaxing on a beach under a clear blue sky, waves hitting while sandy shore. It’s a hot day, so you feel like eating ice cream. And as you’re licking the ice cream, in complete pleasure! Suddenly, somehow, in a split second, the beach is gone, the sun is gone, the ice cream is gone and — you find yourself laying in bed, licking your own pillow. It won’t be entirely unreasonable at that moment to wish that you could continue licking and go back to the dream.

But of course, we don’t always have sweet dreams like this. You may find yourself in a jungle being chased by a tiger. You’re running, and the tiger is running behind you. You’re trying to run as fast as you can, but the tiger is faster than you. It’s coming and chasing you, and the distance is decreasing, and there comes a moment where the tiger puts his claw behind your back. You then shout! And in that noise, in that fearful state, you wake up, and you realize that it’s just your wife, your husband, or somebody else is actually touching your back. There is no tiger.

Dreams are dreams. By nature, they can never be the reality no matter what experience they bring. pleasant or painful, blissful or fearful – a meditator seeks to come out of the dream, live life closest to reality.


In order for your being to transcend the dream, your intellect should   the 3 components of a dream:

1) Dream – that situation/illusion which is perceived and becomes the experience

2) Dreamer – the experiencer, who is experiencing the dream, identified with the dream, can’t come out of the dream.

3) Awareness – that ray of light which transcends you out of the dream – from you being a dreamer in the dream, of the dream – to you coming out of the dream, to you not remaining as a dreamer anymore, to you realizing that you are in pure awareness.


This meditation session will guide you through the process of separating the three components, and taking you from the dream to reality, from being a dreamer to being pure awareness. Practice the following meditation steps:  

  1. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Inhale and exhale through the nose, the natural flow of breath. (2-3 mins)
  2. DREAM. Slowly allow yourself to imagine that absolutely everything that you’re experiencing right now is a dream: your body, this situation, even your thoughts. You’re a part of the dream, but don’t get involved. Just observe the dream and let this notion settle in your mind that all of what you are experiencing right now is just a dream (5-7 mins)
  3. DREAMER. Now turn all of your attention towards the dreamer. Hold awareness towards the dreamer and draw all energies towards him/her. (7-10 mins)
  4. AWARENESS. Leave both the dream and the dreamer, and simply sit in this awareness, in the silence, at the moment. No movement. Let yourself dissolve in awareness, silence, and energy. No movement, no thought, simply awareness. (10 -15 mins)
  5. Take your awareness back to the body. Feel the sensations in your body. Bring the awareness back to your mind and back to your surroundings.

This technique was developed by Tantra specialists to not only practice it in meditation sessions but also to be applied onto the entire life. If you can manage to do that in your life,  you will realize that there is no tiger, also there is no ice cream 🙂



Watch the full guided meditation video here:

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