Choiceless Awareness Guided Meditation Technique for More Time

Choiceless Awareness Guided Meditation Technique for More Time is the full video of a guided meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland held on 17 December 2018.


You can view the full video on our YouTube channel hereAlternatively find the video at the end of this post!

In this session, we look at the value of time and how to use meditation to help decrease anxiety and stress that you may hold towards time (or the lack thereof!)


Today we start off with a time travel visualisation experiment. Join me and see what you experience.


We did this to understand what time is and our relationship with time.


Our relationship with the dimension of time can be stressful, and we can call this psychological time. Psychological time is different for each individual. For example, my one hour is different to your one hour – your experience of that hour is a function of how your mind is projecting it.


There are lots of factors causing this, the first could be your own desires and wishes. If you’re enjoying something, then time can fly by. If you’re bored, then time can creep by slowly. The same amount of time can have a different perception or experience, simply because your mind is getting in the way and creating a perceived time.


Another factor is your awareness – what your mind tries to do is to put everything from your awareness into autopilot. Time goes by so quickly now as an adult, as you’ve put everything on autopilot. Awareness becomes less and less and you let the moments pass. Hence, your sense of time is completely distorted.


What does meditation have to do with all of this? Meditation is that process where you come out of this perceived time, out of this distortion of chronological time and changing that so that you can once again take charge.


Two things are important for meditation to achieve this:

  • Choicelessness
  • Awareness


What is choicelessness? It’s when you let everything, the flow of life, be. You let everything happen, not trying to change anything, not trying to impose your own desires or wishes. Remaining in the moment, without touching the moment.


Awareness is when you are more silent, settled and centred, and you’re simply aware of the moment.


Meditation is about being choiceless and aware.


When you subject yourself to this process, it sorts out this perceived sense of time. It puts time back into its own place and it doesn’t become a reason for your anxiety or stress.


In today’s meditation we’re going to try and sit in this choiceless awareness.


The steps to do this and settle into the moment are as follows:

  • We’re going to draw our energy from all of our five senses and put them, one-by-one, to our navel centre. This is so that our senses won’t disturb us. When we do this, we’ll be situated in this choiceless awareness.
  • Once we stay longer in this moment, we’ll see that this centre where we’ve drawn this energy, will start to dissolve and go away.
  • What is left is you in silence, in choiceless awareness.


Meditation Steps:

Here is the step-by-step process for this guided meditation:

  1. Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath – in through the nose and out through the nose.
  2. Keep your back straight, shoulders down and allow your body to find a comfortable posture.
  3. Become aware of what you see behind your closed eyes. Slowly draw the energy from this scene and take it to your navel centre. Allow your eyes to rest and become still.
  4. Take your awareness to what noises you hear, and withdraw these energies from hearing, allow them to rest and take them to your navel centre. Keep your energies and attention at your navel.
  5. Take your awareness to your nose and become aware of what you can smell right now. Withdraw your energies from the sense of smell, and take these energies to your navel centre. In other words, remain aware of your navel centre.
  6. Take your awareness to your tongue and feel how it tastes in your mouth. Withdraw now from this sense of taste and focus your energies to your navel centre. Allow your tongue to rest, while you remain focused on your navel centre.
  7. Now take your awareness to your skin and notice how it feels there. Is it hot, or cold? Now withdraw your energy from there and focus it back on your navel.
  8. With every breath, withdraw yourself from everywhere and just focus on your navel centre.
  9. Your body still, your mind calm. Focus on your navel centre. Remain here.
  10. Now let the centre dissolve. With every breath, let it go. Let everything go.
  11. Don’t touch anything and remain aware and choiceless, remain aware and silent. Remain centred and silent.
  12. Let go more and more, no more movement. Stay here in this silence and awareness, letting your awareness grow, and the silence grow.
  13. Stay absolutely still and silent. Stay here for 5-10 minutes.
  14. Now take your awareness back to your body and your breath. Feel the sensations in your body, in your inner space.
  15. Very slowly, gently, come back and open your eyes.


Take this moment to reflect on what you’ve just been through, or simply remain silent.


Enjoy this meditation to become more in tune with the time you have in your life!



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