Direct Path Mantra Meditation for Inner Peace: A Guided Quiet Meditation

Direct Path Mantra Meditation for Inner Peace: A Guided Quiet Meditation is the full video of a guided meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland held on 26 November 2018.

You can view the full video on our YouTube channel here. Alternatively find the video at the end of this post!

In this session, we seek inner peace by being quiet. When we are quiet, the mind and the body will follow. We will use a mantra to help reach this state of quiet.



Inner peace is right here. You just need to be quiet.


Who is staying quiet? Is it the body, is it the mind, or is it something else? You stay quiet, not your mind, not your body, just you. The mind and the body will then follow. Trying to get the mind and the body to stay quiet in order to reach inner peace can be a long journey. A shorter journey is simply to stay quiet yourself.


What does it mean to stay quiet? It means that when the body or the mind are asking for your attention, you do not give them attention – you don’t involve yourself in the process. You remain indifferent. That’s where you reach inner peace directly.


When you remain quiet like this, what happens as a consequence is that your body and mind start to follow you.


There is one way of achieving inner peace, which is an indirect path in meditation where we learn different techniques to help to silence and relax the mind and body.


In this session, we are going to do a more direct way of meditation, that is – starting with you being quiet, being silent. When you remain silent, your mind from the beginning will try to distract you and take your awareness. If you do not give it attention though, your mind will keep coming to you and eventually it will realise you’re being quiet and will also start to be quiet. It won’t disturb you any further. The same is with the body: when you sit in meditation, your body might start to bother you trying to vye for your attention. If you learn not to get involved with it, and still remain quiet, your body will stop asking for your attention and will follow your core. If your core is at silence, your mind and body will slowly follow.


When your silence concentrates and becomes heavy and alive, your awareness arises out of it and you can see your mind and body at a distance. This gap allows you to not get involved with the mind or body – it’s a natural stability and centeredness that you experience as you remain quiet.


You can stay quiet like this without any particular technique, but in this session I will teach you one simple way in which you can bring this vow of silence:


  • Whilst you exhale, you will repeat mentally – like a mantra – that you will take a vow of silence: eg. “I will remain silent, I will remain quiet”. You will repeat this as you continue exhaling, fully out of your lungs to a point where there is absolutely no breath left in your system. Even in that moment, keep repeating your mantra. When you do that, it goes very deep into your system. If you do it sincerely, it will go so deep in your system that you will remain quiet for the meditation no matter the distractions, noises or interferences trying to get involved.


There will be minimal guidance from me throughout this meditation, to allow your silence to grow within.

Meditation Steps:

Here is the step-by-step process for this guided meditation:

  1. Let’s sit straight, close your eyes, and take a nice deep breath, inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the nose.
  2. Take a nice deep breath again from the nose, and as you exhale slowly, keep your awareness to the vow of silence: keep repeating “I will remain quiet and remain still”.
  3. Another inhale and as you exhale, “I will remain quiet, I remain silent”. Bring all your energy into this vow of silence.
  4. Repeat this process five or six times at your own pace, bringing all your energy, all your awareness to this vow of silence.
  5. Keep on exhaling until the last breath in your lungs, take everything out while remaining aware of the vow of silence.
  6. Push yourself with one more breath like that, nothing else should remain except for this vow of silence.
  7. Leave this process. Just stay quiet. Let the breath flow in your lungs as normally as it always does. Allow your body to find a natural centre where it can rest, while you simply remain quiet.
  8. For the next minutes, forget everything else and just remain quiet. Don’t control the body, let it be on its own.
  9. Let your mind do whatever it wants to do, leave it. You remain quiet.
  10. The world around you may move, you remain quiet.
  11. As you stay quiet, let your breath flow naturally. Stay like that, absolutely silent. Quiet. Stay in this quietness.
  12. The body may move, don’t get involved. Mind may wonder, you remain quiet. Fall deep into the silence. Don’t hold on to anything. Absolute stillness, silence, in the silence also remain aware.
  13. Movements outside, inside you are absolute stillness.
  14. Stay like this for a couple more minutes. Let go, let go of everything and stay quiet.
  15. Remember the vow of silence that you took. Notice how your mind has calmed down, how your body has settled in silence. You are radiating silence.
  16. Bring your awareness to your breath, and feel how it is flowing in and out, softly, silently, in and out.
  17. Bring your awareness to the sensations in your body, to the sense of centredness, you’re sitting here in silence.
  18. In this moment, be thankful that you gave yourself these moments of silence, that you allowed your body, your mind and your inner core to come to rest.
  19. Very gently and slowly, you may open your eyes.
  20. Give yourself enough time for your body to slowly move again.


What we tried today was the direct way of entering meditation.


Keep working on this technique, especially if you feel it doesn’t happen for you today. A tip for the future – stop working on your mind, and your body. Just work on yourself and being quiet. It’s so simple, without any formula or technique to it. Give this a try, where you’re not working on the mind, just you staying quiet, and see what happens.


I hope this enrichens your meditation practice!


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