Trataka and Third Eye Chakra Meditation Techniques to Clear the Mind

Using Guided Trataka Meditation Techniques to Clear the Mind is the full video of a guided meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland held on 22 October 2018.

You can view the full video on our YouTube channel here. Alternatively find the video at the end of this post!

In this session, we use the technique of Trataka in our meditation to help take the mind away from the eyes and see the truth. This then allows us to go into a deeper meditation practice.



How do we see reality? What you see with your eyes, is what your mind is showing you. Your mind is creating a perception, a projection, and through the mind you can never see reality.


But there is a way to drop the mind, and use your eyes in a way where you can see reality. When you start to see things just as they are, you see the truth. Until that point what you see is only your own perception. Your mind can get in the way so much, that you end up forgetting what is actually the truth.


We need to find a way in which we can place the mind aside in silence, so that the eyes can see what they should be seeing. This is where Trataka comes in.


So how do we use this technique? Trataka is thousands of years old and originates from Yogic traditions – it’s utilised in many different forms of meditation to move the mind out of the way of the eyes so that you can see things as they are.


Doing this technique also improves your concentration, allowing you to centre your mind and give your nervous system more stability. Those suffering from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness and other similar ailments can use this technique to help them in their lives.


These are just the practical things that you can take away from practicing this technique today. The spiritual part is that you will get those eyes that can see things the way they are.


In yogic traditions there is a term called the Third Eye. It is represented as a third eye between your eyebrows, and allows you to see the world the way it is – the reality, the subject of what we’re talking about today. It’s nothing but your own eyes having no mind getting in between when you see things.


So how will we do this simple technique?


The first step is to sit in an easy posture as you always do.


Secondly, we will take our fingers, close your eyes and gently touch the centre of each eye, to feel all the movements of your eyes. Just by touching your closed eyes with your fingers, you can create the possibility that your eyes come to rest for a minute or two. This will automatically calm our mind.


Then we will go into the technique of Trataka. We will light some candles and sit in a way where we can look at the candle. You will look directly at the flame of the candle, don’t stress yourself, just simply watch and look at the flame without any expectations, pressure or force, just keep your attention at the flame.


When you’re doing that, your eyes will want to blink. Try not to blink. When this technique is done in a traditional way, for half an hour to an hour there is no blinking. But this can be very challenging, so we will make it a little easier – while we’re focusing on the flame, we will do it roughly for a minute, and then we’ll close our eyes. When you close our eyes, we’ll see an after image on your mental screen, in front of your closed eyes. It might be a red, orange or black dot. All you have to do is then remain focused on the after image.


We will do this about 7 times today .Throughout the process, try to forget about everything else and just involve yourself with the process of watching the flame. Don’t look anywhere else, just at the flame of the candle, and when you’re done, close your eyes and calmly look at the after image forming in front of you.


If at any point you feel that your eyes are really tired and you can’t do it anymore, just leave your eyes closed for longer and open them up in the next round. Don’t stress yourself throughout the process, try to remain completely expectation-less and focused on watching the flame and nothing else.


The second thing that might happen when you do this is that tears might come out of your eyes, one because your eyes are wet and secondly a lot of emotions may surface in your system and want to come out. So don’t hold your tears back. If your system is wanting to let all of the emotions out throughout this process, then just allow it to happen.


After we do this for ten minutes, we’ll again take our hands, keep our eyes closed, and touch our eyes gently with our fingers, to cool down the eyes and allow us to take any residual movements away. Like this we can put the eyes at rest.


The more your eyes are at rest, the more your mind will be at rest. The more your mind is at rest, the greater the possibility that you can see things the way they are.


In the last step of this Trataka, we will simply close our eyes and try to keep our attention and awareness at the middle of the eyebrows or the Third Eye. When you do that, you’ll feel that there is some sort of pressure there, there might be some sort of sensation building up at the centre of your eyebrows. If that happens, no need to worry – it happens to everyone. It’s absolutely normal.


If this turns into a headache, or if you’re feeling sick or dizzy, just take your focus away from the centre of your eyebrows and keep your eyes closed and relax.


After we have done this, we will sit in silence, in the awareness and silence created out of this process. You’ll feel that your mind has calmed down, your eyes have calmed down. Everything in you, in your system has come to rest, stillness, so enjoy that awareness and don’t try to judge it or move out of it. Stay in it for as long as you wish. We will do this for about 10 minutes.


In total this meditation will take 25 minutes.

Meditation Steps:

Here is the step-by-step process for this guided meditation:

  1. Turn towards the candle, close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhaling from the nose and exhaling from the nose. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, allow your body to find a comfortable posture in which you can sit for the next minutes.
  2. With your eyes closed, take both of your hands and touch the middle of your closed eyes with your index or middle finger. Don’t press your eye, just gently touch the middle of your eye. With this touch, allow your eyes to come to rest and be more and more still.
  3. Put your hands down into your lap or on your thighs, and very gently and slowly open your eyes and watch the flame of the candle.
  4. Bring your awareness and focus on the flame of the candle. Your eyes remain still, just watching the flame.
  5. Now close your eyes and find the after image of the flame, it might look like a yellow reddish dot in front of your closed eyes. See how it becomes clearer, and simply remain focused on this after image. Remember to stay relaxed, with your awareness watching the after image.
  6. As this image fades away and leaves you, gently open your eyes again and focus your gaze on the flame. Simple remain aware of the candle flame. Allow your gaze to stabilize, the tears that run out of your eyes, remain focused on the flame, and close your eyes again.
  7. Continue repeating this.
  8. After some time, when you are watching the after image, let it fade away completely and then keep your eyes closed for the next minute.
  9. Take your fingers and put them back on the middle of your eyes, and gently touch them, feeling that the movements have calmed down. This indicates that your mind has calmed down.
  10. Put your hands back in your lap, and take your awareness to the space in between your eyebrows. With your closed eyes, remain aware of this space between your eyebrows – your Third Eye. Hold your awareness here, allowing it to concentrate and settle here. If you feel any sensation in between your eyebrows, let it happen and allow it to grow. Simply remain aware of this region in between your eyebrows.
  11. Now take your awareness away from this region and simply remain aware and silent. Go deep into this moment, into the silence. Sit absolutely still, silent and aware. Maintain this silence and awareness for a couple more minutes.
  12. Now gently open your eyes, and maintain the silence, the balance, the stillness.


This is one of the easiest and more powerful of the concentration techniques. If you continue doing it for a longer period of time, it will be very beneficial for your meditation practice.


I look forward to continuing on your meditation journey with you!



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