The Source of Creativity: Guided Meditation for Unlocking Creativity

The Source of Creativity: Guided Meditation for Unlocking Creativity is the full video of a guided meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland held on 23rd September 2018.

You can view the full video on our YouTube channel here. Alternatively find the video at the end of this post!


Today’s session is dedicated to creative types – not painters or musicians – but problem solvers, who have come up with new ways to deal with small or big problems that we come across in life.

In this session, we use meditation to experience the fourth stage of consciousness – where awareness is high but mind activity is low – where we can become more creative, think more creatively and problem solve in ways we have never thought of before.

Meditation is that space, is that state of consciousness which allows your awareness to reach this realm where newness can come into your consciousness.

I will guide you through each of the steps to achieve this – and by practicing this technique regularly you will begin to experience it more deeply.



There are four states in which your ordinary state of consciousness lives.

  1. The first state is the waking state which is when you’re awake, in this state your mind is active, you’re thinking and experiencing emotions. Your awareness is relatively high. Activity of the mind and awareness are both high. This is the waking state of our consciousness. This is where we spend 16-18 hours of our life everyday.
  2. The second stage is the dreaming stage, where mind activity is still high but awareness is quite low. Your mind is creating dreams, and it is still active.
  3. The third state of consciousness is deep sleep, where activity of the mind is negligible and so is awareness. You do not know that you are asleep.

Typically we only live in these three states of consciousness all of the time.

But a fourth state is where awareness is high but mind activity is low. Where your mind doesn’t engage in the patterns that it knows, your awareness can reach out and bring new ideas, concepts and new information This is the source of creativity, the source of creation, where there is pure awareness and pure consciousness, and your mind is not in the way.

It can be tricky to experience this fourth state of ordinary consciousness straight away, but there is a way – through Meditation. If you practice it, it will become easier. Give it a try, and keep trying it in your own time – to try and put your mind to rest, yet bring your awareness to a higher level.


So how do we do this? In this video I guide you through the necessary steps:

  • Firstly we need to become aware of all the five senses and the sensations that we capture from these five senses.
  • Secondly we go inside of our body and try and become aware of the sensations within the body.
  • Thirdly, we become aware of our thoughts, of our emotions, of anything going on in our mind.
  • In the fourth step, we will visualise all of these sensations and put them together as one – perhaps as a sphere – and start to feel them as one sensation. You’ll soon begin to see that these sensations have boundaries, and that beyond this one big bowl of sensation is empty space. We’ll try to bring awareness to that empty space, where there is no thought, no emotion, no sensation, there is no experience – and we’ll hold our awareness in this empty space and silence for as much as we can for a few minutes, before bringing our awareness back into the room.


Meditation Steps:

Here is the step-by-step process for this guided meditation:

  1. Close your eyes, and take a couple of deep breaths – inhaling and exhaling through the nose. Continue to breath in and out as normally and as gently as you always do.
  2. Keep your back straight, shoulders down, neck straight and relax all of the muscles of the face.
  3. Now become aware of the noises from outside. Take note of whatever you can hear, and simply observe them; Now become aware of the smells. How does it smell as you breath in? Now bring your awareness on your tongue and how it tastes; Now bring your awareness to the images in front of your closed eyes and become aware of what you see; Now become aware of your skin, and how it feels.
  4. Slowly move your awareness to the inside of your body, to all of the sensations that you feel in your body right now. Keep breathing in and out very gently and normally.
  5. Move your attention to your mind, and observe what thoughts you have right now. Observe the thoughts, the feelings and anything that is going on in your mind. Don’t try to change anything, just observe.
  6. Now imagine that all of the sensations in your body, what you can hear, smell, taste, see, feel – everything is a part of one sensation, like a big bowl of sensation which contains all of your thoughts, your feelings and sensations in your body.
  7. Give yourself a couple of minutes to settle into this visualisation of all of these sensations as one singular sensation. Everything is a part of this one sensation. Now notice there are boundaries to this one sensation, beyond which there is empty space.
  8. Gently move your awareness from the sensation to this empty space, beyond the sensation. In this empty space, there is no thought, there is no feeling, there’s only silence and awareness. Move away from any sensation and keep your awareness on the emptiness. Leave all the sounds, sensations, thoughts and stay in this empty space. Simply remain aware in this empty space, and allow yourself to expand in this empty space. Remain absolutely silent and aware.
  9. If you get distracted, gently move away from any sensation, simply remain aware of the silent, empty space. Leave all of the sensations and stay in this empty space.
  10. Stay here, absolutely silent and aware for as little or as long as you like.
  11. Very gently, bring your awareness back to your body. Feel the sensations in your body, notice the sounds around you, how your mind has quitened down, how you are aware right now and very gently and slowly, open your eyes.

I hope this session inspires you to bring this art of meditation in your life, not just for the purpose of creativity but for any other important or significant aspect.


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