Pranayama Breathing Meditation: Finding your Inner Balance

Pranayama Breathing Meditation: Finding your Inner Balance is the full video of a guided meditation session held on the 3rd September 2018 with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland.

In this session, Dhyanse takes you through the two energy forces that are acting within us – in yoga, they are known as Ida and Pingala.

The session focuses on what happens when balance is achieved between these two forces, and the sense of harmony and centering that can occur when balancing them. Pranayama breathing techniques are used to try and create this balance, so you can go deeper into your meditation.

Dhyanse will guide you through a Pranayama practice to use your breath to come back into the moment, to bring your energies into harmony.

If you do this pranayama, it brings you back to your centre, it brings you back to where you should be.



The concept of Ida and Pingala are a framework of understanding our pranic energy system, how our entire body, mind and all its energies are organised.

All that is affecting the left side of the body (physically and mentally) is called Ida in yoga – it represents the creativity, the emotion, passive, intuitive, the feminine. The right side, which is the male, the aggressive, analytical, rational, active – that energy is summarised as Pingala.

Ida and Pingala function alternatively in all of us, swinging from one being more dominant to the other – it is said to be on average a 90 minute cycle – and as they transition there is a moment where there is balance, where neither of these forces are dominant. When this happens, a third channel opens up in our energy system, which runs from the bottom of our spine to the very top of our head and this channel is known as Sushumna. It is one of the goals in yoga to bring a balance to these two energies, so that you can channel your energy through this middle channel.

When we achieve that balance, you naturally feel more meditative, and more silent. Your energies start to flow through the middle channel and when that happens, you can sit in silence and enjoy that bliss for as long as you want – allowing you to go deeper into your meditation practice.

Pranayama breathing techniques can be utilised to help achieve that balance, to remove any blockages on any one side (whether it be Ida or Pingala), and to help to open up the middle channel. In today’s session, we use our breath to come back to the moment, to bring our energies into harmony. This is one of the best ways to prepare the body and mind to enter into meditation.



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