How to achieve the state of desirelessness: Visualizing your perfect life

Introspection, and especially self-introspection, is one of the things that we often lack in today’s busy world. We are constantly focused on what’s happening on the outside of ourselves, so much that we forget that what’s within is what matters the most. Introspection can enable us to understand ourselves better, reach inner peace and focus, and go to the source of who we really are.

Meditation is there to aid us with introspection. It teaches us how to go deep within ourselves, how to shift our mind-set and concentration, and start the journey inward. It represents the tools that can help with introspection. But in order to start the process of getting to know ourselves better, we often need a trigger, or a point of departure, an aspect of ourselves that we want to get to know better, that will help us move forwards in that journey of self-introspection.

One of those triggers can be the idea of desirelessness. We are often told by many spiritual practices that desires are bad and that attachment of any sort is negative. One of the things that they don’t say is how to reach that state. In today’s world, it would be very difficult to reach that state, unless we run away to the mountains and cut off the whole world. What we CAN do is simulate that state.

So, in order to become desireless, we need to imagine that all of our desires have already fulfilled, which means that there wouldn’t be anything left for us to want. There comes in the visualization of the perfect life: by visualizing it, really making ourselves feel like all of our heart’s desires have come true, we can question ourselves and how would it make us feel to have nothing else to expect or want in our lives.

Only after reaching that state can we decide whether desirelessness is indeed something that we should want, or does life without any wishes become dull and lifeless, or maybe blissful. The beauty of this meditation practice is that it can take you to numerous directions; you can end up getting answers for questions that you didn’t even know you had. As always, all the answers lie within you; you just need to sit down in a comfortable position, preferably with your legs crossed (lean against the wall if your back hurts), take a deep breath and follow the steps below:

  1. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, in and out through your nose, sitting straight, with your shoulders down. Continue to breathe in your normal rhythm.
  2. Take several minutes to summarize in your mind everything that you would want to happen to you, all of your heart’s desires. Bring all of your awareness to this question. Make sure to have all the ingredients for your perfect life.
  3. Then start visualizing that all of those wishes have come true. Really feel it in your heart, in your mind, imagine how your body would feel if all of it has come true, how you would feel and react. Don’t think how or why it has happened, or think that it’s funny; we don’t need a rational explanation here, we just need imagining all the sensations in your body and mind. How does it feel inside of you when you have everything? Breathe into the situation that you have everything you need for your perfect life.
  4. Observe the sensations in your body. How does your body feel when you have everything you have ever wanted?
  5. Observe how your breath is moving up and down. Allow all your energies to settle and remain aware of yourself.
  6. Stay in that awareness without any movement. Allow all the movements to settle and you become more and more silent. You have everything that you’ve ever desired. Now stay silent, always remaining aware of yourself, without any movement.
  7. Now bring your awareness to your navel centre. Observe all sensations at your navel centre. Feel the navel centre pulsating with energy. Allow yourself to completely settle in the navel centre.
  8. Release the focus of the navel centre and just for few minutes stay where you are, silent and aware.
  9. Very slowly and gently open your eyes.

Continue to ask yourself questions that may have arisen from this meditation, try to find answers within yourself and apply it to your life. It may not always be easy, but it will surely always be rewarding for you.

Stay well,


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