The Birth of Consciousness


This is a full video of the meditation session with Dhyanse in Basel, Switzerland.
In this session Dhyanse takes you through a new birth of consciousness.

“We are born with a mind which is completely clean and now we use it with such an amazing way. So from our first birth we get the mind and body to live happily ever after. But are we living happily? Sometimes. There is something that is missing with this biological birth. What is missing is the self awareness or consciousness. Because with this first birth where we get the body and mind was enough then everything would be alright. But there are lots of challenges that we face in our lives. So in order to address that we need a second birth of consciousness. Take the example of the evolution of a butterfly. The first birth is like the birth from the egg to the caterpillar. The worm survives but then it has an incredible transformation where it goes into the pupa and then takes a completely new birth as the butterfly. The caterpillar has a completely different transformation into the butterfly. In our life, our first biological birth is like the caterpillar and if we give it a dimension of self-awareness then it transforms like a butterfly. The second birth is a conscious choice. And this birth can happen in an instant or in a few years. For the second birth meditation is the womb.
You will start the meditation by first understanding what this first birth is. Then you will try to keep a certain distance from it for the next 30 minutes. All the effort would be to drop everything that comes along with this first birth. Allow yourself to be in a state which is shapeless and try to go as deep as you can in it. The second birth is the meeting of silence and awareness.”

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