Spiritualizing Corporations: Sutras for Top management

If you are in the top management of a large corporation and have reflective moments of ‘not-knowing’ really what to do for disruptive progress in spite of applying all expensive prescriptions from the business and management scholars, establishing all newest process fads available in the market to remain competitive and masking the corporate face thick with all colors of innovation, technological advancement and sustainability promises; It is time to re-invoke the spirit of your organization!

Every significant compilation on human development done by the ‘realized ones’ on their way to achieve perfection and meaning out of human living essentially starts with waking you up out of a long and deep sleep of mundane ‘business-as-usual’ things to an expanded consciousness, clearly witnessing the inner mechanisms and play of thoughts, emotions, notions, desires etc., activating brain faculties beyond thinking, to finally re-claiming ownership and mastery over oneself. The same principles apply to any large corporation.

In order for that organizational awakening to happen, the yoga of top management has to take place – it has to stretch itself in manners as never before, develop a habit of it; contemplate and reflect on its physical, psychological and spiritual layers with brutal honesty; conquer its financial greed and fears, liberating itself from the demons it has been carrying for ages; meditate on responsibilities that come along with its economic powers and inject a fresh breath of energy across the organization to fulfill a common mission.

Within that awakened state, the CEO opens up to visions; the CFO enables execution; other management starts to become constructive and more responsible; the organization remains mindful of its purpose, mission statements become a powerful mantra which frees-up inner forces dormant at the bottom of your organization, transforming the qualities of work from necessity to love, passion to compassion and achieve its ultimate goal of growth and meaning.

Corporate aging is undoubtedly inevitable; however its beauty lies in growing wisdom of its top management to learn to eventually spiritualize the corporation for an eternal presence in this world.

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