Meditation tips: How often and long should i meditate?

We sometimes hear people say that they meditate for 5 – 10 minutes everyday. But is that enough if you want to gain something from meditation? The answer is….. NO!
If you decide to start meditating, be sincere about it. Dedicate some time from your day for meditation. Inconsistent meditation is not meditation.
Meditation needs consistency, dedication, willingness and patience. With only few minutes of meditation you will not be able to get away from your distraction.
If you are beginning with meditation, then start with 10 – 15 minutes daily, and ‘daily’ being the key word here. Slowly but steadily increase your time for meditation. Make sure that meditation then becomes a habit. Meditation should never be something you ‘have’ to do, rather something you ‘want’ to do.
Give your meditation time the way you give time to eating. Let meditation be a break from your schedule.

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