Learning meditation: Can I meditate all my life with a single meditation technique?

Learning meditation is a lot different than the way we usually learn things.
Meditation has no rules, there are no certificates, grades or work places to learn and experience. There is also no specific way for everyone to meditate. Every individual can have his or her own way of practicing meditation.
There are what they call different types of meditation techniques evolved for meditation over the years. And ever technique has its unique pattern and way of working. Ultimately all the techniques lead to one end, that is enlightenment.
In this video Dhyanse states that it is definitely possible for some meditators to just follow one technique over years. And some others may feel the need to change their techniques from time to time. How effective our meditation is, doesn’t depend on how many techniques we know, but how we carry these techniques out and how deep we honestly go with them.
But over time, even though we are comfortable with one technique and practice meditation with it, we should gradually be able to not follow any technique or system and easily get into the silence on our own.

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