From ‘iwatch’ to ‘Watching the I’

With a celebrated launch of iwatch recently, one can say that wearable technologies are slowly and quietly attempting to create their place in our lives. Fitness conscious and active lifestyle oriented people including business and management professionals wanting to have their personal health & wellbeing under control, are opening up to the idea of tracking and monitoring themselves. Forward looking tech giants are aggressively collecting and churning all forms of data from their user base for several purposes. My personal take on this matter is that Google, Apple, Facebook and similar others are trying to eventually profile every human being by capturing all their attributes ranging simply from location, personal and professional activities on the web, to physical activities and eventually linking it to their health & medical records and even genetic profiling soon to come up with new definitions of managing oneself and interacting with the world.

Apart from the emerging trends of digital fashion, uninterrupted connectivity and increasing necessity of social media presence, I think one of the very important aspects encouraging the usage of such wearable technologies is to know more about oneself. That makes me question if we are otherwise getting so unconscious of ourselves and hence technology dependent for knowing what is going on in our body, mind and soul. Is it possible that such efforts are derived out of our eternal urge of knowing more of ourselves leading one day to answering the biggest question for mankind ‘who am i’? Well, in that case, Meditation is a much simpler and more intelligent way of knowing oneself in entirety.

The beginning of meditation happens with ‘watching the ‘I’’. ‘I’ consists of activities of the body – walking, running, sitting, eating, breathing etc. and more importantly, the movement of thoughts, desires, emotions, sentiments and other contents of mind. During daily routines, if a habit is developed to keep a silent yet conscious wakefulness within oneself watching all that is happening within body and mind, you are waiting for a great surprise to unfold! You will not just automatically start to drop all that is not needed in your body-mind to achieve perfect health and well-being, even the need of management will disappear from body-mind system as it has its own intelligence of self-regulation. And as ‘watching the I’ deepens, you will undergo further transitions to open up to self-knowledge, living higher qualities of being and insights into the world which no technology can ever provide…

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