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Empowering humanity with love, truth and silence

"When the disciple is ready, the master appears"

Spiritual growth requires a master to take you out of the prison of your mind, empower your heart and unleash your spiritual energies.

Personalised support on your Spiritual Journey

Dhyanse helps you to accelerate spiritual growth by addressing deep-rooted issues, patterns and integrate practical solutions.

DM LIVE Studio for Spiritual Discourses & Guided Meditation

LIVE group guided meditations by Dhyanse every Monday and Thursday at 7 AM CET. Join via social media channels or directly via zoom for an exclusive opportunity to interact and get your questions answered.

Join 30 min Live Guided Meditation Session every Mon & Thu at 07:00 CET

FREE access on all devices
Join via your phone or computer and meditate in a group of hundreds of meditators
Spiritual journey with Dhyanse
Receive wisdom of Yoga, Tantra, Zen and many more spiritual traditions to expand your consciousness

Get a copy of 10 Bulls of Meditation

Or the latest release '10 Meditations on Love and Laughter'! Dhyanse's teachings are made available as practical guide books for every meditator.

10% Early Bird Discount on DM Teacher Training I

Learn the unique art of teaching Dhyanse Meditation to your clients and open a meditation studio. All classes taught by Dhyanse in a LIVE online group format for a lifetime learning experience.




12 Hours LIVE Classroom
Sundays 7 PM CET LIVE, Recordings available
48 Hours of Personal Assignments
Each Module will require upto 8 hours per week of homework
DM Teacher Cerfitication
DMTT Level I, Level II and Corporate Trainer Certification

Correct your meditation posture using Dhyanse Sit

Dhyanse Sit is a premium meditation cushion set with an ergonomic profile for correct sitting posture during meditation. It is 8x more effective than standard cushions in providing comfort, stability and a restful experience of sitting in meditation.